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The Road from Ventura to Ojai


Reproduced essentially verbatim (some spelling corrections) from a copy of the article
found in The Sentinel. The Sentinel was an Oak View newspaper whose address was:
P.O. Box 504 - MI 9-1754 It was published weekly on Thursday by Chuck and Faye Hill,
with advertising by Joe Colville

Thursday, December 6, 1958, THE OAK VIEW SENTINEL

The Road to Ojai
by Percy G. Watkins

(Editors Note: Mr. Watkins, a long time resident of Oak View, continues his early day recollections in the Ventura River Valley.)


The Mahoney family house was vacant and run-down in 1900. However, a good fence and shade trees surrounded the house even though the yard had gone into ruin. A cistern south of the house and a galvanized iron tank west of the barn were used to store rain water.

     In passing, note that the Walker place to the south ( mentioned earlier ) was later subdivided and became known as Oak View Gardens No. 1. And the Mahoney Ranch, as it became known, was called Oak View Gardens No. 2.
     Oak View was the name given to the railroad station and siding as it passed the Mahoney Ranch. These stations were erected about every two miles between Ventura and Nordhoff (Ojai).


     Back of the Oak View station was a prune drying plant with a typical two vat dipper. Also behind the station was a reservoir built by Mr. Sherwood. The reservoir was never lined even though he had intended to pump water from a well in the river bottom.
     A projected public road had been laid out ( and partly graded ) from the Oak View Station to the Ventura to Nordhoff road along the north line of the ranch. It was thought at the time that this road would be used to transport local products to the railroad station.     (to be continued)