Oak View Beautification Committee (OVBC)
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Vision for Oak View
The OVBC is an organized group of concerned local citizens operating under the aegis of the Oak View Civic Council. Our vision for Oak View is to create a community that is welcoming, economically viable and conducive to a great quality of life. We envision a downtown neighborhood that is beautiful and inviting.

The beauty of Oak View comes from its unique natural setting as the gateway to Lake Casitas and the Ojai Valley. Preserving the natural landscape and views should be an integral part of any future development. We envision a streetscape for Highway 33 through Oak View that consists of a tree-lined street with a cohesive, welcoming architectural style. This streetscape should encourage people to stop and enjoy the local businesses. Pedestrian and bike traffic should be encouraged and enhanced. Traffic calming designs with planted medians and safe crosswalks could be a part of future development.  --- Oak View Beautification Committee